Cellcard provided the reasonable price which fit to your kid expense. for just only 3$/month Your kid is freely to communicate with you via chat, sms, call or even video call*

* Currently Video call feature is available on Junior Doki and Junior K7 only.


  • 1. How can i see my remaining balance?


  • 2. is Junior sim is 3g or 4g LTE.

    Answer is

  • 3. is it auto renewal of non-auto renewal

    No answer yet

  • 4. Am i applicable for cellcard reward?

  • 5. Can i resubscribe for CJPP* for more than 2 times per month?

  • 6. Is CJPP is must package to use with junior watch?

  • 7. can 10$ exchange call to other service provider?

  • 8. Do i have to subscribe to the GPS service?

  • 9. is it MMS including?

  • 10. I dont have National ID or Passport. Do i have to register my simcard regarding to prakas of ministry of telecom?

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